Op-ed September 21, 2022

Opinion | What Indians think of the work-from-home shift

Indians were working from home 2.6 days in a week, much above the global average of 1.5 days, according to a new survey.

Op-ed September 8, 2022

Opinion | The Return of the Supply Side Challenge

The latest edition of the annual central banking conference at Jackson Hole refocused attention on the immediate challenges.

Op-ed August 24, 2022

Opinion | At What Point Should Central Banks Stop Monetary Tightening?

When central banks stop tightening will depend on a tough-to-estimate neutral rate that can keep economies on an even keel, writes Niranjan Rajadhyaksha.

Op-ed August 16, 2022

Opinion | The Long Road to Breaking Free

In this piece for the Mint, Niranjan Rajadhyaksha, Senior Fellow and CEO, Artha India, documents India’s economic journey of the past 75 years and offers lessons for the future.

Journal Article August 7, 2022

Evolution of Monetary Policy Approaches: A Case Study of Indian Economy

This paper examines different monetary policy approaches, and weighs their advantages and disadvantages.

Searching for jobs. Photo credit: Canva.

Report July 8, 2022

Infrastructure Priorities for Job Creation in India

The Infrastructure Priorities for Job Creation in India report attempts to understand the impact of infrastructure investment on economic activity.

An aerial view of Mumbai, India.

Report July 8, 2022

India Infrastructure Report: Making Housing Affordable

This report examines issues plaguing the housing supply chain in India, from acquisition of land, getting requisite approvals for construction, to creating incentives for providing rental housing.

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