COVID-19 is a public health issue as well as a social issue impacting lives and a way of living. Therefore, communication for COVID-19 vaccination cannot be solely based on health and safety-related benefits. The launch of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in India, the first large-scale campaign for adults, was marked by an overload of information with a limited understanding of people’s perceptions and attitudes towards the campaign.

In February 2021, Kalyani Rajan, Strategic Communications specialist, and Senior Fellow at IDFC Institute, led a COVID-19 Vaccine Communications & Needs Assessment Study, with the following objectives:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the general attitudes towards COVID-19 vaccines and the vaccine rollout
  • Guide a Behavior Change Communication Strategy and Campaign aimed at nudging the public to volunteer to take the vaccine as and when offered


This work was done by the author/s when they were a part of the IDFC Institute and is republished here with permission.