Journal Article August 7, 2022

Evolution of Monetary Policy Approaches: A Case Study of Indian Economy

This paper examines different monetary policy approaches, and weighs their advantages and disadvantages.

Journal Article October 5, 2021

Representative estimates of COVID-19 infection fatality rates from four locations in India: cross-sectional study

In this paper, the authors estimate age-and gender-specific mortality risk among all SARS-CoV-2 infections in four settings in India, and compare age trends in mortality with similar estimates in high-income countries

Journal Article September 14, 2021

An integrated approach to competition regulation and data protection in India

This essay analyses the role of data in competition regulation and data protection

Journal Article August 24, 2021

Regulating digital ecosystems: bridging the gap between competition policy and data protection

This article identifies the way data shapes digital ecosystems and addresses the interaction between these ecosystems and privacy regulations

Journal Article August 14, 2021

How Can We Rethink Police Accountability in India?

In this journal article, the authors undertake a temporal examination of police accountability measures in India.

Journal Article May 14, 2021

The Practice of Flexible Inflation Targeting in India – A Preliminary Assessment

This paper examines how RBI’s flexible inflation targeting framework has worked in India.

Journal Article February 4, 2021

Prevalence of SARS CoV-2 in Karnataka, India

During the first wave of COVID-19, we conducted a serological survey across the state of Karnataka to understand the patterns of transmission in urban and rural areas.

Journal Article November 13, 2020

Seroprevalence of SARS CoV-2 in slums versus non-slums in Mumbai, India

In July 2020, we conducted a serological survey in slums and non-slum areas of Mumbai to understand the transmission dynamics of SARS CoV-2

Journal Article July 15, 2020

Adaptive Control of COVID-19 outbreaks in India: local, gradual and trigger-based exit paths from lockdown

As India progressively lifts the lockdown in July 2020, the adaptive control model proposes a tool for state governments to control the reopening

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