Strong partnerships act as a force multiplier for addressing complex systems issues in public policy. Our trusted networks allow us to leverage and amplify our capabilities, well beyond the team at Artha.

We are a horizontal, network facilitation platform rather than a conventional ‘vertical’ organisation. While we anchor the platform with a strong suite of core capabilities, our ability to rapidly access cutting edge, cross-sectoral local and global expertise makes us uniquely suited to address policy challenges that require multidimensional intervention.

Convenings are at the core of this approach. Convenings help conceptualise new development agendas and build consensus and cross-sectoral coalitions amongst our partners in government, business, academia, philanthropy, and civil society.

  • Artha Conversations are carefully curated roundtables designed to foster free and frank deliberation around policy challenges. In the past, we have hosted a range of speakers including academics like Dr. Vasant Dhar of New York University, and Lord Nicholas Stern of the London School of Economics, senior Indian policy makers including Supreme Court judges, the Chief Statistician of India, senior NITI-Aayog officials; and practitioners like Leslie Maasdorp, the Chief Financial Officer, New Development Bank, Jonathon Soros from the Open Society Foundations, and Junaid Kamal Ahmad, the India Country Director of the World Bank.

  • Since 2016, we have hosted our flagship Artha Dialogues as a curated, completely off-the-record, event for 80-100 attendees in Goa and Kochi. Dialogues bring together some of the most thoughtful people across government, academia, business, politics, the media, philanthropy and civil society to discuss India and the developing world’s most critical development challenges. Notable participants have included former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair; the former finance minister of Brazil (and CFO of the World Bank), Joaquim Levy, leading academics like Dr. Lant Pritchett of Oxford University and Dr James Robinson of University of Chicago, among others.