We help governments and leaders ideate, innovate, implement and institutionalise policy solutions. Our approach builds on almost a decade of working closely with central, state and local governments in India, as the founding team of IDFC Institute, a Mumbai-based think and do tank.

Our approach comprises four layers.

Interdisciplinary Networks

We have built trusted and credible networks across academia, business, government, civil society and the media. We are able to leverage these networks to address complex and interdisciplinary problems, including entirely new challenges like Covid-19.

Research and Analytics

We believe today’s big problems are complex, wicked, and rarely contained within the silos of a single discipline. Our research is interdisciplinary and always grounded in an understanding of the political economy of execution. A key focus is data and analytics, especially surfacing new sources of data.

Implementation and Institutionalisation Support

We understand that policy change alone has limited impact, given underlying state capacity constraints in most developing countries. Therefore, we have a strong focus on implementation, helping plug the gaps between “intent/policy” and “execution/implementation”. This goes hand in hand with institutionalisation, ensuring government ownership and sustainability of projects.

Strategic Communications

Communications is core to our strategy. Navigating any change requires communication with internal and external stakeholders. A core part of this effort is to convene our networks regularly via on and off-the-record events, which have gained a reputation for being among the best public policy gatherings in Asia.