Op-ed September 21, 2022

Opinion | What Indians think of the work-from-home shift

Indians were working from home 2.6 days in a week, much above the global average of 1.5 days, according to a new survey.

Op-ed September 8, 2022

Opinion | The Return of the Supply Side Challenge

The latest edition of the annual central banking conference at Jackson Hole refocused attention on the immediate challenges.

Op-ed August 24, 2022

Opinion | At What Point Should Central Banks Stop Monetary Tightening?

When central banks stop tightening will depend on a tough-to-estimate neutral rate that can keep economies on an even keel, writes Niranjan Rajadhyaksha.

Op-ed August 18, 2022

Opinion | We Need To Talk About Climate Change in Global South Cities

In the piece for Devex, Sam Downes argues that cities in the global south need to placed at the centre of the climate agenda, or the global quest for decarbonisation may fall flat. 

Op-ed August 16, 2022

Opinion | The Long Road to Breaking Free

In this piece for the Mint, Niranjan Rajadhyaksha, Senior Fellow and CEO, Artha India, documents India’s economic journey of the past 75 years and offers lessons for the future.

Op-ed August 11, 2022

Opinion | Are cities holding India back from reaching its ambitious net zero targets?

In this op-ed for Ideas for India, Sam Downes and Jagan Shah look at how urbanisation in India could derail national decarbonsation efforts.

Op-ed July 21, 2022

Opinion | New National Data Policy Still in Shadow of Old Rulebook

The draft National Data Governance Framework Policy, 2022 still suffers from issues of implementation, capacity and incentives.

Op-ed June 15, 2022

Opinion | The Central Bank’s Balance Sheet Will Shrink as it Battles Inflation

The trajectory of RBI’s repo rate as well as the way it manages its asset holdings will need to be watched closely from here on

Op-ed April 3, 2022

Voluntary masking should be the way forward

As Mumbai drops its mask mandates, Reuben Abraham and Lancelot Pinto reflect on the way forward to curb airborne transmission

Op-ed November 6, 2021

On COVID-19 vaccination, don’t be complacent

Vaccine demand can be generated through the development of targeted action plans addressing both access issues and hesitancy. With only a third of the eligible population fully vaccinated, we don’t have the luxury of time

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