Report August 16, 2022

Building the Foundations: Strengthening Technical Capacity in Government

Digital public infrastructure can help design and transform equitable public systems. A Resource Hub model that strengthens technical capacity and leadership within governments is the way forward.

Report July 18, 2022

Localising Green Transitions in India

How India is urbanising threatens to block its path to net zero emissions. Cities must be placed at the centre of the conversation around climate change.

Report July 9, 2022

Indian Cities in the post-pandemic world

Cities bore the brunt (and some misplaced blame) of COVID-19 in India. Systemic issues, such as overcrowded and unsanitary slums, congested streets, and air pollution, made them the hotspots of infection.

Searching for jobs. Photo credit: Canva.

Report July 8, 2022

Infrastructure Priorities for Job Creation in India

The Infrastructure Priorities for Job Creation in India report attempts to understand the impact of infrastructure investment on economic activity.

An aerial view of Mumbai, India.

Report July 8, 2022

Reforming Urban India

In this Reform Agenda, we present eight reforms to address some of the most pressing challenges facing India’s cities.

An aerial view of Mumbai, India.

Report July 8, 2022

India Infrastructure Report: Making Housing Affordable

This report examines issues plaguing the housing supply chain in India, from acquisition of land, getting requisite approvals for construction, to creating incentives for providing rental housing.

Report July 8, 2022

Ease of Doing Business: An Enterprise Survey of Indian States

Ease of Doing Business: An Enterprise Survey of Indian States draws upon trends across states, sectors and types of firms, proposing reforms to facilitate doing business and create an enabling ecosystem.

Report September 27, 2021

Behaviour change communication strategy for COVID-19 vaccine acceptance

This vaccine acceptance campaign strategic document outlines our initial research findings, how our findings translated into a communication strategy with a strong identity, messaging matrix, segmentation and a final design look and feel

Report June 14, 2021

Leveraging behavioural science to promote safe practices: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic in Punjab

How can behavioural science be used to support the adoption of safer practices? Our project in Punjab to encourage early testing during the COVID-19 pandemic holds important lessons for public health communication campaigns

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