Job Opening September 30, 2022

Junior Fellow (Health)

We are seeking applications for the position of Junior Fellow (Health).

Blog September 28, 2022

Digital Public Infrastructure | 3 areas for collaboration in social protection

Public-private partnerships can help migrants access information, awareness of entitlements, and grievance redressal mechanisms related to social protection schemes

Op-ed September 21, 2022

Opinion | What Indians think of the work-from-home shift

Indians were working from home 2.6 days in a week, much above the global average of 1.5 days, according to a new survey.

Policy Brief September 19, 2022

Algorithmic Explainability Working Group: Discussion Note 01

Automated Decision Systems (ADS) are becoming crucial components of consumer-market and citizen-state interactions and need effective, holistic regulatory guidelines.

Op-ed September 8, 2022

Opinion | The Return of the Supply Side Challenge

The latest edition of the annual central banking conference at Jackson Hole refocused attention on the immediate challenges.

Op-ed August 24, 2022

Opinion | At What Point Should Central Banks Stop Monetary Tightening?

When central banks stop tightening will depend on a tough-to-estimate neutral rate that can keep economies on an even keel, writes Niranjan Rajadhyaksha.

Press Release August 23, 2022

Reuben Abraham, CEO, Artha Global, awarded Emergent Ventures fellowship

Reuben Abraham was awarded the Emergent Ventures prize from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University as part of their fourth India cohort.

Op-ed August 18, 2022

Opinion | We Need To Talk About Climate Change in Global South Cities

In the piece for Devex, Sam Downes argues that cities in the global south need to placed at the centre of the climate agenda, or the global quest for decarbonisation may fall flat. 

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