Blog March 12, 2021

PARIMAL—an institutional platform for evidence-based research in policing

The Madhya Pradesh Police launched the Pracademic Action Research Initiative (with) Multidisciplinary Approach Lab (PARIMAL), a collaborative initiative under the DG Research and Policy Cell, with IDFC Institute as a principal partner.

Paper March 9, 2021

Interpreting Kerala’s COVID-19 numbers

Using demographic, economic, social data, the authors attempt to describe Kerala’s COVID-19 trajectory, the state’s policy response and how to assess its pandemic performance.

Policy Brief March 2, 2021


Privacy is a non-negotiable right at any given time.

Report February 12, 2021

A Study of Internal Communications, Motivation, and Agency in the Police Force

A study of police constables on COVID-19 duty in Madhya Pradesh to understand communication flows within parts of the police hierarchy.

Op-ed February 8, 2021

How India can improve urban public health with lessons from COVID-19

Major efforts where made during the COVID-19 pandemic to generate regular and reliable data. The authors argue this should be replicated for other diseases and become a policy focus for urban public health in India.

Journal Article February 4, 2021

Prevalence of SARS CoV-2 in Karnataka, India

During the first wave of COVID-19, we conducted a serological survey across the state of Karnataka to understand the patterns of transmission in urban and rural areas.

Report January 28, 2021

Police Training and Motivation Perception Study

This project aims to highlight the recruits’ perceptions of the current state of police training practices at the Madhya Pradesh Police Academy in Bhopal and suggest improvements.

Op-ed January 7, 2021

Devising a vaccine strategy for India

As several COVID-19 vaccines become available, India and other developing countries have to keep their specific circumstances in mind while formulating vaccine strategies.

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