Op-ed August 16, 2022

Opinion | The Long Road to Breaking Free

In this piece for the Mint, Niranjan Rajadhyaksha, Senior Fellow and CEO, Artha India, documents India’s economic journey of the past 75 years and offers lessons for the future.

Report August 16, 2022

Building the Foundations: Strengthening Technical Capacity in Government

Digital public infrastructure can help design and transform equitable public systems. A Resource Hub model that strengthens technical capacity and leadership within governments is the way forward.

Op-ed August 11, 2022

Opinion | Are cities holding India back from reaching its ambitious net zero targets?

In this op-ed for Ideas for India, Sam Downes and Jagan Shah look at how urbanisation in India could derail national decarbonsation efforts.

Journal Article August 7, 2022

Evolution of Monetary Policy Approaches: A Case Study of Indian Economy

This paper examines different monetary policy approaches, and weighs their advantages and disadvantages.

Policy Brief August 2, 2022


In early February, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) announced a budget of Rs 33,441 crore.

Blog August 1, 2022

India’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign: understanding vaccine demand

We use data from Meta’s COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey to understand vaccine hesitancy, access and trusted sources of information in India.

Paper July 25, 2022

Contribution of infection and vaccination to seroprevalence through two COVID waves in Tamil Nadu, India

Repeated serosurveys conducted in Tamil Nadu shed light on how infection and vaccination influence SARS CoV-2 seroprevalence levels in the population

Op-ed July 21, 2022

Opinion | New National Data Policy Still in Shadow of Old Rulebook

The draft National Data Governance Framework Policy, 2022 still suffers from issues of implementation, capacity and incentives.

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