Op-ed August 18, 2022

Opinion | We Need To Talk About Climate Change in Global South Cities

In the piece for Devex, Sam Downes argues that cities in the global south need to placed at the centre of the climate agenda, or the global quest for decarbonisation may fall flat. 

Op-ed August 11, 2022

Opinion | Are cities holding India back from reaching its ambitious net zero targets?

In this op-ed for Ideas for India, Sam Downes and Jagan Shah look at how urbanisation in India could derail national decarbonsation efforts.

Policy Brief August 2, 2022


In early February, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) announced a budget of Rs 33,441 crore.

Report July 18, 2022

Localising Green Transitions in India

How India is urbanising threatens to block its path to net zero emissions. Cities must be placed at the centre of the conversation around climate change.

Paper July 14, 2022

Assessing Cities’ Labour Market Efficiencies using Mumbai Commuting Data

Mumbai’s congestion is infamous. The megacity’s roads are clogged every single day, leading to something far worse than simple inconvenience.

Report July 9, 2022

Indian Cities in the post-pandemic world

Cities bore the brunt (and some misplaced blame) of COVID-19 in India. Systemic issues, such as overcrowded and unsanitary slums, congested streets, and air pollution, made them the hotspots of infection.

An aerial view of Mumbai, India.

Report July 8, 2022

Reforming Urban India

In this Reform Agenda, we present eight reforms to address some of the most pressing challenges facing India’s cities.

Paper October 2, 2019

Assessing Cities’ Labour Marketing Efficiencies Using Mumbai Commuting Data

The average commute on Mumbai’s major routes is longer than an hour, more than double the averages of Singapore, Hong Kong and New York.

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