Blog September 28, 2022

Digital Public Infrastructure | 3 areas for collaboration in social protection

Public-private partnerships can help migrants access information, awareness of entitlements, and grievance redressal mechanisms related to social protection schemes

Policy Brief September 19, 2022

Algorithmic Explainability Working Group: Discussion Note 01

Automated Decision Systems (ADS) are becoming crucial components of consumer-market and citizen-state interactions and need effective, holistic regulatory guidelines.

Report August 16, 2022

Building the Foundations: Strengthening Technical Capacity in Government

Digital public infrastructure can help design and transform equitable public systems. A Resource Hub model that strengthens technical capacity and leadership within governments is the way forward.

Op-ed July 21, 2022

Opinion | New National Data Policy Still in Shadow of Old Rulebook

The draft National Data Governance Framework Policy, 2022 still suffers from issues of implementation, capacity and incentives.

Blog July 12, 2022

Brave New World Podcast: Episode 8 How Social Media Threatens Society

The internet has changed our lives, mostly for the better. But there is a flip side. Jonathan Haidt joins Vasant Dhar in episode 8 of Brave New World to describe how social media is a threat to democracy and public discourse — and to the mental health of a generation Useful resources 1. The Righteous […]

Blog July 12, 2022

Brave New World Podcast: Episode 7 The Nature of Intelligence

Trying to build artificial intelligence can teach us so much about intelligence itself.

Artha Recommends May 2, 2022

Global Health Impacts for Economic Models of Climate Change | Marron Institute

Rationale: Avoiding excess health damages attributable to climate change is a primary motivator for policy interventions to reduce greenhouse

Journal Article September 14, 2021

An integrated approach to competition regulation and data protection in India

This essay analyses the role of data in competition regulation and data protection

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