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Blog August 1, 2022

India’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign: understanding vaccine demand

We use data from Meta’s COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey to understand vaccine hesitancy, access and trusted sources of information in India.

Op-ed November 6, 2021

On COVID-19 vaccination, don’t be complacent

Vaccine demand can be generated through the development of targeted action plans addressing both access issues and hesitancy. With only a third of the eligible population fully vaccinated, we don’t have the luxury of time

Blog August 13, 2021

Vaccine uptake, equity and implications

Seven months into the launch of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, this post analyses vaccination patterns in the city of Mumbai

Op-ed April 21, 2021

As vaccination opens up, design a smarter communication plan

As the vaccination drive expands, citizens will be more convinced of the need to take the jab. But instead of only leaving it to them, it is important to craft communication that combines motivation, relevant information and appropriate messaging.

Report March 31, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine confidence: Learnings from Punjab and Karnataka

Conducted in February 2021, this study aimed at understanding people’s attitude towards and perception of the COVID-19 vaccine in the rural and urban areas of Punjab and Karnataka

Covid-19 Vaccine.

Report March 31, 2021

Financing the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in India

The report outlines the allocations of funds set aside by the Central Government to detail what percentage of the adult population in India can be successfully vaccinated within the budget.

Report March 25, 2021

COVID-19 vaccine distribution in India

With a vaccine sector valued at ~INR 95 billion, India is a global leader in vaccine manufacturing and production. However, will this infrastructure and capacity be able to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine in a timely manner?

Blog March 22, 2021

Allocation strategies for COVID-19 vaccination

The model presented in this note intends to support state governments allocate limited COVID-19 vaccine doses to maximise the impact of the vaccination campaign

Op-ed January 7, 2021

Devising a vaccine strategy for India

As several COVID-19 vaccines become available, India and other developing countries have to keep their specific circumstances in mind while formulating vaccine strategies.

Op-ed November 20, 2020

Devise an India-specific Covid vaccination plan

A well-designed vaccination plan can reduce deaths by up to 70%. Given how much India has sacrificed to slow the infection down, it is owed a carefully-planned – and customised – vaccine distribution plan.

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