The Centre for Access to Justice aims to engender effective rule of law and equal access to justice for all through improved policing.

A well-functioning criminal justice system is essential to establish rule of law, enable equal access to justice, safeguard fundamental freedoms, and support market-based economic growth. Within the criminal justice system, police play a fundamental role—they are the public’s first interface with the criminal justice apparatus and usually the first responder in emergencies. At the Centre for Access to Justice, we work closely on police reforms to improve the functioning and responsiveness of this public institution. We work alongside police organisations to bring incremental changes in an evidence-informed way and pursue independent research and analysis to socialise the innovations on issues ranging from women’s safety, training, motivation and internal communications to crime data collection, hotspot mapping, decision support tools, and traffic management, amongst others. We believe research and implementation support can catalyse and systematically improve policing and in turn enable rule of law, access to justice, and economic growth and empowerment. We also create and curate platforms for multi-stakeholder discussions and anchor convenings with global experts and practitioners to encourage innovation through networking, conversations and cross-sharing of learnings.


Journal Article

How Can We Rethink Police Accountability in India?

In this journal article, the authors undertake a temporal examination of police accountability measures in India.

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Facial Recognition Technologies in Policing – A Balancing Act?

The executive arm of the European Union has proposed a bill limiting police use of facial recognition in public.


Facial Recognition Technology in Law Enforcement in India: Concerns and Solutions

The paper outlines the use cases of FRTs in the Indian context, unpacks the technological and institutional aspects governing FRTs and offers short- and long-term solutions that must be implemented before the wide-scale deployment.