Avanti Durani

Assistant Director and Junior Fellow

Avanti Durani is the Assistant Director and a Junior Fellow at Artha Global. Her research focuses on criminal justice with a focus on policing, special governance zones and rural development. Prior to joining Artha, Avanti was a Junior Fellow at the IDFC Institute. She has worked as an Articled Clerk for M/s. Wadia Ghandy & Co., Mumbai. During her time there she worked in several fields including Funds and Investments, Mergers & Acquisitions, Conveyancing and Civil Litigation in relation to property matters.

Her other work experience includes working as a Research Assistant for the Tufts University Interpersonal Perception & Communications (IPC) Lab, Boston, USA, conducting and participating in psychological studies and analyses related to emotional perception, and as a Recruitment Associate for Teach For India, Mumbai.

Avanti holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL. B.) degree from Government Law College, University of Mumbai, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations, with a thematic concentration in the regional and comparative analysis of the Middle East and South Asia, from Tufts University, USA.


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